Take the "65 Local Beers in 65 Days" Challenge!

Drink Up to 6 Local Beers Per Day!


You have 65 Days to complete the Challenge! 

Record is 14 Days!

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Get your Name on a plaque up in lights with the date you completed and how many days it took!

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Made in Kansas!


Support Your Local Brewers and Breweries!

Salt City Brewery (Hutchinson, Ks)

"Salt City Amber" Red Ale 5.3% ABV

"Salt City IPA" India Pale Ale  

Yankee Tank Brewery (Lawrence, Ks)

Yankee Tank “Barn Burner” Farmhouse Ale 8.5% ABV

Yankee Tank “Red Dirt” Amber Ale 6% ABV

Yankee Tank “Riptide” Pale Ale 5.9% ABV

Yankee Tank “Scissortail” Cream Ale 5.1% ABV

Yankee Tank “Cloud 9” American IPA  7.4% ABV

Wichita Brewing Co. (Wichita, Ks)

Wichita Brewing Company “Shaven Yak” Brown 

Wichita Brewing Co “F’EN NeD” Sour IPA 7.0% ABV

Wichita Brewing Co “Johnny B’s Beer Band” 6% ABV IPA

Wichita Brewing Co “Saison in the abyss” 5.8% ABV Wild Ale 

Wichita Brewing Company “V-6” IPA 7.0% ABV

Wichita Brewing Company “Wu Shock” Wheat 4.5% abv

Wichita Brewing Company Wheat 5.8% abv

Wichita Brewing Company “Valley View” Vanilla Porter 5.94% ABV

Wichita Brewing Company “5:02” Amber 5.82% ABV

Wichita Brewing Company “Seal Team 6” Black IPA  8.5%ABV

Wichita Brewing Company “Longball Lager” 5.2% ABV

Wichita Brewing Company “Mass Hysteria Rye” 8.0% ABV

Wichita Brewing Company “Ber-Lemoner” Weisse 5.8% ABV

Wichita Brewing Company “Catherine III” Russian Imperial Stout  9.5% ABV

Wichita Brewing Company 2017 Aged“Catherine III” Russian Imperial Stout 

9.5% ABV

Wichita Brewing Company 2018 Aged “Catherine III” Russian Imperial Stout 

9.5% ABV

Hopping Gnome  (Wichita, Ks)

Hopping Gnome “”Douglas Ave” Pale Ale

Aeroplains brewery (Wichita, Ks)

Aeroplains Brewing Co. Irish Red 7.5% ABV

Aeroplains Brewing Co.” Kansas Common" Cream Ale 6.6% ABV

Aeroplains Brewing Co IPA 7.6% ABV

Aeroplains Brewing Co “Wingman” Wheat 6.2% ABV

Aeroplains Brewing Co Pale Ale 5.5% ABV

Aeroplains Brewing Co “Tarmac” Oatmeal Stout 6.2% ABV

Aeroplains Brewing Co “Aerovice” Tart Ale 6.2% ABV

Aeroplains Brewing Co “Aerovice” Pineappl/Ginger Tart Ale 6.4% ABV On Tap

Aeroplains Brewing Co Aeroplains Premium Light 5.8% ABV

Walnut River Brewery (Eldorado, Ks)

Walnut River Brewery High Beam IPA  7.7% abv

Walnut River Brewery Warbeard Irish Red 5.5% ABV

Walnut River Brewery Coffee Porter 6.6% ABV

Walnut River Brewery "Re-O-ranged" IPA 5.9% ABV

Walnut River Brewery "Teter Rock" Kolsch 4.7% ABV

Walnut River Brewery “Wise ‘Ol Bock” German WeizenBock 7.5%

Walnut River Brewery "Birdie Pils" Lager 4.7% ABV

23rd Street  Brewery (Lawrence, Ks)

23rd St. Brewery Crimson Phog Irish Red 

Defiance Brewery (Hays, Ks)

Defiance Brewing Co. “Golden Giant” IPA 16oz 7.2% ABV

Defiance Brewing Co. “Gutch” English Style Mild Ale 5.0% ABV

Defiance Brewing Co. Willy Nilly Golden Blonde  5.0%ABV

Defiance Brewing Co. Twisted logik IPA 6.8% ABV

Freestate Brewery (Lawrence, Ks)

Free State Brewery  Lager  5% ABV

Free State Brewery “Garden Party” Lager 4.5% ABV

Free State Brewery “Frost Flower” Pilsner

Free State “Breakaway” IPA 6.0% ABV

Free State Brewery “Dirty Kanza”  Kolsch 

Free State Brewery Yakimaniac IPA 

Free State “Brinkleys” Helles Maibock 6.5% ABV

Free State Brewery Old Backus Barleywine Ale 10.5% ABV 

Free State Brewery Wheat State Golden  5.1% ABV

Free State Brewery Ad Aspera Ale 5.6% ABV

Free State Brewery Copperhead Pale Ale 6.0% ABV

Free State Brewery Oatmeal Stout 6.1% ABV

Free State Brewery Cloud Hopper Imperial IPA 9.2% ABV

Free State Brewery Iron Man Imperial Stout  8.4% ABV

Free State Brewery Stormchaser Summer IPA  

Kansas Territory (Washington, Ks)

Kansas Territory “Locomotion” Stout 7.0% ABV

Kansas Territory “High Rise” Wheat Beer 5.5% ABV

Kansas Territory Windwagon IPA 6.7% ABV

Kansas Territory “Aeroplane” Pale Ale 5.7% ABV  

Kansas Territory “Time Portal” Breakfast Brown Ale 6.4% ABV

Kansas Territory “Life Coach” Lager 5% ABV

Kansas Territory “Summer Breeze” Lager 5.3% ABV

Kansas Territory "Bradford Light" Lager 4.2% ABV

Flying Monkey Brewing Co 

(Crafted in Olathe, Ks)

Flying monkey Amber 4.6% ABV

Flying Monkey “four fingers” Stout 4.8% ABV

Flying Monkey “Mac’s Beer” Blonde Ale 4.4% ABV

3 Rings Brewery (Mcpherson, Ks)

3 Rings “Yankee Rose” Wheat 5.5% ABV

3 Rings “Vertigo” IPA 6.0% ABV

3 Rings “Bulldog” Coffee Stout 5.4% ABV

3 Rings “Wanderlust" Scottish Red 5.7% ABV