Beer List (Over 250 Beers in Stock) Biggest Selection of Cra


24 Beers on Tap

Guinness Draught (Ireland) 4.2%ABV

Smithwicks Irish Red (Ireland) 4.5%ABV

Dos Equis Lager (Mexico) 4.2%ABV

KC Bier Co “Dunkel” 5.1% ABV

Boulevard Wheat (Missouri) 4.4%ABV

Boulevard Smokestack Series “Tank 7” (Missouri) 8.5%ABV

Blue Moon Belgium White (Colorado) 5.4%ABV

Yankee Tank “Dunkel” English Brown (Lawrence, Ks) 5% ABV 

Stella Artois (Belgium) 5.0%ABV

Dogfish Head “60 Minute IPA” (Deleware) 6.0%ABV 

Salt City Brewery Amber Ale (Hutchinson, Ks) 5.3% ABV

Salt City Brewery Amber IPA (Hutchinson, Ks) 7.0% ABV

Hopping Gnome Brewing Co. “Douglas Ave” Pale Ale (Wichita, Ks)

Walnut River Brewery High Beam IPA (Eldorado, Kansas) 7.7%ABV 

Walnut River Brewery Warbeard Irish Red  (Eldorado, Kansas) 5.5ABV

Oskar Blues “Death by Coconut” Porter 6.5%ABV (Clorado)

Miller Lite, Coors Light, Budweiser, Bud Light, High Life


Sour Beers

Epic Brewing Co. “Tart & Juicy Sour IPA” (Utah) 4.5%ABV $4.75

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Destihl “Wild Sour Flanders Red” (illinois) 6.1% ABV $4.75

Destihl “Wild Sour Blueberry Gose” (illinois) 5.2% ABV $4.75

Destihl “Wild Sour Rose” Apple & Raspberry (illinois) 6% ABV $4.75

Destihl “Wild Sour Cranberry Criek” (illinois) 5% ABV $4.75

Destihl “Wild Sour Synchopathic” (illinois) 6% ABV $4.75

Destihl “Wild Sour Lynnbrook” (illinois) 4.2% ABV $4.75

Robbers Cave “River Bandit” Sour Gose  (Nebraska) 4.7 %ABV  16oz $6.00

Rogue  “Rhubarb Schmubarb” Strawberry Tart (Oregon) 5.9%ABV  16oz $6.00

Rogue  “Marion Berry” Sour  6.5%ABV  (Oregon) 16oz $6.00


Dogfish Head “90 Minute IPA” (Delaware) 9.0% ABV $6.00

New Belgium “Voodoo Ranger” Imperial IPA(Colorado) 9%ABV  $4.75

Decadent “Strawberry French Toast” Double IPA (New York) 8.6% ABV $6.00

Boulevard Smokestack Series”The Calling” IPA (Missouri) 8.5%ABV $6.00

 Tighthead Brewing Irie IPA 134 IBU! (Missouri) 7.8%ABV $6.00

New Belgium “Voodoo Starship American IPA (Colorado) 7.7% ABV $4.75

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA 7.5%ABV $6.00

Boulevard Phantom Haze Double IPA (Missouri) 7.5%ABV $6.00

Evil Twin Rainbownade  (New York)  7% ABV $6.00

Evil Twin Old Fashion Lemonade IPA  (New York)  7% ABV $6.00

Clown Shoes “Don’t Fear the Blender” Coconut Milkshake IPA  

(New York)  7% ABV $6.00

New Belgium “Hemperor” IPA (Colorado) 7% ABV $4.75

O’Dell IPA (Colorado) 7%ABV  $4.75

New Belgium “Voodoo Ranger” IPA (Colorado)  7%ABV $4.75

Destihl “FunkenGruven” New England IPA (illinois) 7.2% ABV $4.75

Stone IPA (California) 6.9%ABV $4.75

Destihl “AMRA” Mango IPA (illinois) 6.9% ABV $4.75

Harpoon “The Craic” Irish Red IPA (Massachusetts) 6.9%ABV $4.75

Public House Elusive IPA 6.8%ABV $4.75

Boulevard “Space Camper” Cosmic IPA  (Missouri) 5.9%ABV $4.75

Harpoon American IPA (Massachusetts) 5.9%ABV $4.75


New Holland “Dragons Milk” Bourbon Barrel Stout (Michigan) 11%ABV $6.00

New Holland “Dragons Milk” Raspberry Hibiscus Reserve (Michigan) 11%ABV $8.00

New Holland “Dragons Milk” Oatmeal Cookie (Michigan) 11%ABV $8.00

Saugatuck Brewery Neapolitan Milk Stout Stout (Michigan) 6.0%ABV $6.00

Main Street Brewery Chocolate Coconut Stout (Illinois) 5.8% ABV $4.75

903 Brewery “Land O’ Milk & Honey Irish Cream” Texas) 6.5%ABV $4.75


Breckenridge Vanilla Porter (Colorado) 5.4%ABV $4.75

Horny Goat Chocolate Peanut Butter Imperial Porter (Nebraska) 8.5%ABV $4.75

Horny Goat Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter (Nebraska) 6.5%ABV $4.75

Oskar Blues “Death by Coconut” Coconut Porter 6.5%ABV (Colorado) $6.00

High Alcohol

Dogfish Head “120 Minute” IPA (Delaware) 18.0% ABV $15.00

Boulevard Smokestack Series Brandy Land (Missouri) 12.4%ABV $6.00

Scored 100 out of 100 on

Evil Twin “Molotov Cocktail” Imperial IPA 12%ABV $6.00

Boulevard Smokestack “ The Sixth Glass” Quadrupel Ale (Missouri) 10.2%ABV $6.00

Scored 100 out of 100 on

Boulevard Smokestack “ Chocolate Ale” Strong Ale (Missouri) 9.1%ABV $6.00

 Church Street Brewing “Devils Advocate” Belgian Strong Ale (Illinois) 9%ABV $6.00

Fruit/Flavored Beer

Not Your Fathers Root Beer (Illinois) 5.9%ABV $4.75

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat  (Massachusetts) 5.3%ABV   $4.75

Harpoon Brewery “UFO Big Squeeze” Grapefruit Shandy  (Massachusetts) 5.9%ABV $4.75

Abita Strawberry (Louisiana)  4.2%ABV $4.75

Blue Moon Mango (Colorado) 5.4%ABV $4.75

Bud Light Orange or Lime (Missouri) 4.2%ABV $3.75

Left Hand “Flamingo Dreams” Wheat (Colorado) 4.7%ABV $4.75

Destihl “Hawaii Five Ale” (illinois) 4.8% ABV $4.75

903 Brewery Strawberry Shortcake Cream Ale (Texas) 5.3%ABV $4.75

Pale Ale

O’Dell “Rupture” American Pale Ale (Colorado) 6%ABV $4.75

Saugatuck Brewing “Paled It” Pale Ale 5.5%ABV $4.75

Sweet Water “420” Extra Pale Ale 5.4% ABV $4.75

New Belgium “Voodoo American Haze” (Colorado) 5% ABV $4.75


New Belgium Fat Tire (Colorado) 5.2%ABV  $4.75

Alaskan Amber Ale 5.3%ABV $4.75

Public House Frisco Amber 5.0%ABV $4.75

Michelob Amber Bock (Missouri) 5.2%ABV $4.75

Other Craft Beers

Blue Moon Belgian White (Colorado) 5.4%ABV $4.75

Shock Top Belgian White (Missouri) 5.2%ABV $4.75

Samuel Adams Boston Lager (Massachusetts) 5%ABV $4.75

O’Dell “90 Schilling’ (Scottish Style Ale) (Colorado) 5.3%ABV $4.75

Shiner Bock (Texas) 4.4%ABV   $4.75

Rogue “Voodoo Doughnut Grape Guerrilla” 22oz (Oregon) 7.5%ABV $9.00 

Boulevard “Easy Sport” Blonde Ale   (Missouri) 4.1%ABV  $4.75

Horny Goat Salted Caramel Brown Ale (Nebraska) 6.0%ABV $4.75

Sam Adams “Cold Snap” WitBier (Massachusettes)  5.3%ABV $4.75

Cigar City Brewery “Maduro” Brown Ale (Florida) 5.5%ABV $4.75

Fat Orange Cat Brewing “Do All 16 Dances” Farmhouse Ale (Conneticut) 6%ABV $6.00

Harpoon “Winter Warmer”  (Massachusetts) 5.9%ABV $4.75


Guinness Draught 16oz (Ireland) 4.2% ABV $4.75

Guinness Blonde Lager (Ireland) 5.0% ABV $4.75

Guinness Nitro IPA (Ireland) 5.8% ABV $4.75

Guinness Extra Stout (Ireland) 5.6% ABV $4.75

Murphys Irish Stout 16oz (Ireland) 4.00% ABV $4.75

Harp Lager (Ireland) 5.0% ABV $4.75

Bass (England)  5.1% ABV $4.75

Paulaner Hefe-Weizen (Germany) 5.5% ABV  $4.75

Paulaner “Salvator” Doppel Bock (Germany) 7.9% ABV  $4.75

Warsteiner (Germany) 4.8% ABV $4.75

Warsteiner Dunkel (Germany) 4.8% ABV $4.75

Heineken (Netherlands) 5.0% ABV $4.75

Newcastle (Netherlands) 4.7% ABV $4.75

Stella Artois (Belgium) 5.0% ABV $4.75

Red Stripe (Jamaica) 4.7% ABV $4.75

Corona (Mexico)  4.6% ABV $4.75

Corona Premier (Mexico)  4.0% ABV $4.75

Modelo (Mexico) 4.4% ABV $4.75

Negra Modelo (Mexico) 5.4% ABV $4.75

Pacifico (Mexico) 4.5% ABV $4.75

Victoria (Mexico)  4.0% ABV $4.75

Dos Equis Lager (Mexico)4.3% ABV $4.75